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Todays shows:   ...   19:00 - 20:30 Liquid, Jungle, Oldskool n ting (fortnightly)   ...   20:30 - 22:00 Drift presents ... Tuesday night breakbeat sessions / Dave Skywalker - Everything Breakbeat (1992 onwards) (all times displayed are GMT)

Drift presents ... Tuesday night breakbeat sessions / Dave Skywalker - Everything Breakbeat (1992 onwards)

Show time

Tuesday, 20:30 - 22:00 (next show 27/08/2019)

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Music styles

Breakcore / Gabber, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Happy Hardcore, Hardcore Breaks / Nu Rave, J-Tek, Jungle, Oldskool Hardcore / Jungle Techno, Techno

Show description

Drift brings you a weekly mix of Oldskool Hardcore, Hardcore Breaks, Dubstep, Jungle, and other breakbeat styles.

Every fortnight he's joined in the studio by his long time partner in crime, NuMoniK for a special extended show with Jungle and early Drum & Bass.


Dave Skywalkers show, now running for over six years each and every Wednesday from 7pm to 8.30pm is always a little bit different. From the depths of Milton Keynes everything breakbeat from around '92 to the present day is the call of the day, and through the years previous features have included the random phone call segment "Call-A-DJ" where Dave interrupts various members of the scene to ask them on air (unbeknown to them) about their daily lives, a rundown of the top 10 tunes of the week with the unworthy records being smashed against walls – often live on video webcam, and the current and longest running feature – the 15 minutes of madness from 8.15 which really has to be seen to be explained.

As the show progresses from 7pm you can often catch the latest dubstep, then some oldskool, some new hardcore breaks, then a bit of jungle, some dnb, some hardcore, and often gabber and breakcore when the show reaches its furious conclusion – often annoying the following DJ who has to calm the chatroom down again!

Check out his off-the-wall show that is broadcast weekly, part of Wednesday Wickedness, live from 7pm on http://www.breakpirates.com. You won’t be disappointed.


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