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Captain Undies


Kent, UK

About Captain Undies

It all started for me in about October 1991 after hearing this mental sounding music on someone's ghetto blaster at college. I asked what it was and the reply as simple: "That's rave!" I'd never heard anything like it before and was instantly hooked. Pretty soon after that I started listening to Colin Faver and Colin Dale on Kiss 100 when they were still pirate. The tunes quickly evolved from an experimental hardcore techno sound in '91 right through to jump up jungle and techstep in 1996 with seemingly dozens of sub-genres in between.

Around the middle to the end of '94 my interest in new tunes started to wane somewhat, although there were still plenty of killer tunes made after this time, for me. Fast forward to the latter end of 2000 and I finally decided to invest in a set of decks, albeit somewhat late! I started buying vinyl about the same time, and sought out all the mad tunes on the Kiss tapes that I'd recorded over all the titles of at the time!

Catch me on Thursday nights 8 til 10pm playing the best in 91-94 hardcore/ jungle tekno sounds.

Appears on Break Pirates

20:00 - 22:00
Ruffneck Riddims 91-94 (fortnightly)
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