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Todays shows:   ...   19:00 - 20:30 Liquid, Jungle, Oldskool n ting (fortnightly)   ...   20:30 - 22:00 Drift presents ... Tuesday night breakbeat sessions / Dave Skywalker - Everything Breakbeat (1992 onwards) (all times displayed are GMT)



Gloucester, UK

About RLS

It all started for me in the 80`s listening to electro / hip hop, then at the start of the 90`s I started hearing a new sound 'rave' / 'hardcore' whatever you want to call it & from then was hooked. I was spending everything I had buying records every weekend but by 1993 I gave up buying hip hop to concentrate fully on the hardcore/jungle.

After learning to mix using a battered belt drive, a tape deck and the most basic mixer ever I finally saved enough by 1994 to step up to a pair of 1210's. After banging out loads of studio mixes in May 1995 I got my first break a guest spot on Galaxy 101FM and from there went on to play numerous gigs around the south west.

For every show I'll be rotating the style/year and everything I play will be on vinyl!!

On my shows you can catch me playing on rotation the very best in oldskool hardcore / jungle / dnb from 1990 to present day every other Saturday 7-9PM (GMT) on rotation with Phil The Bass.

Appears on Break Pirates

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