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Todays shows:   ...   19:00 - 20:30 Liquid, Jungle, Oldskool n ting (fortnightly)   ...   20:30 - 22:00 Drift presents ... Tuesday night breakbeat sessions / Dave Skywalker - Everything Breakbeat (1992 onwards) (all times displayed are GMT)



Manchester, UK

About Advance

I got into hardcore around '92 when it exploded into the mainstream - when The Prodigy & Altern8 ruled. I was hooked and shortly after I started to find out more about the underground scene mainly due to Stu Allen and his shows on Key 103. I used my Student Loan to buy some Technics in '93 (which I still have) and got into the dark jungle tekno sounds of Ratty, Formation & Moving Shadow.

Around '94 I moved into the happier side of hardcore - due to living about 5 minutes walk from Diehard in Leicester! - Slipmatt, Sy, Seduction, Kniteforce & Slammin Vinyl - the golden era of hardcore for me. The vibe and atmosphere around at that time was something special. However, as the breakbeat sound faded in favour of the stompy 4/4 beat so did my interest in raving & buying tunes altogether.

This left me in the wilderness for a few years although I never stopped loving and playing the earlier tunes whenever I got the chance.

After a few years, in 2000, I decided to set up the online store Choice Records (www.choicerecords.co.uk) which caters for hard to find hardcore, jungle & D+B and also upfront hardcore sounds.

With the breakbeat sound making a comeback recently so has my interest in new hardcore and I plan to realise the long held ambition of producing my own tunes as well as supporting it generally by playing it anywhere I can.

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