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South London

About Therinseman

Therinseman I started listening to Pirate radio back in 1995 and quickly got addicted to the underground jungle sounds. Being too young to go out raving properly then weekends was mainly spent in my bedroom recording tapes and discovering new tunes. Soon I got a cheap pair of turntables and started learning to learn how to mix, the buzz increasing with the opening of a record shop down the road from my school. After getting technics and when Jungle moved into drum and bass I slowly lost interest and started going back to the oldskool sounds slowly building up more of a collection. During this time I played at a number of illegal raves around London on sound systems such as Urban Warfare and Random Sounds before moving on to a regular Friday night Jungle show on R-House 98.2 and a couple of guest shows on Hyper 106.5 FM. After a brief bit of time out and getting internet access I discovered http://www.backtotheoldskool.co.uk in 2003 and have only looked back! My collection gets bigger every week and I love the hardcore sounds of 90-94 more than ever!

Appears on Break Pirates

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