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Todays shows:   ...   19:00 - 20:30 Liquid, Jungle, Oldskool n ting (fortnightly)   ...   20:30 - 22:00 Drift presents ... Tuesday night breakbeat sessions / Dave Skywalker - Everything Breakbeat (1992 onwards) (all times displayed are GMT)



Munich, Germany

About X-Ray

X-RAY started producing and spreading his breakbeat tracks in 1993, he founded a munich scene label for electronic scene music (house, breakbeat, jungle, rave, trance) named HBE with 2 others that got voted 2nd best scene label in germany in 1996 and was closed down in 1998. at that point the scene label had 13 nr 1 voted musicians from south germany, bbs hqs in 43 countries (1st place for 3 months in the scene in argentinia :) ) and many traders and graphic artists supporting the label.
He started djing in 1993 in local clubs in munich and played happy breakbeat / jungle records until 1996 just to start over again big time in 2000 - he organized a fortweekly drum&bass club night in munich with all d&b djs and mcs from munich and guests.

In 2002 the event was called Gekkobyte and the people were asking around the city when and where the next (sometimes illegal) event was held.. clubs, bars, outside the city under highway bridges, even in ped tunnels at the famous octoberfest, co-organized raves together with other munich dnb crews in underground parking areas (with liveacts and guests like mc j j jules (junglism forces uk)). everytime until the police came (sometimes up to 5 times a night) and took equipment with them in the end, so there was not way to party on anymore ;)

He played at all big dnb parties with all dnb crews in munich at that time like proton @ lok, 7ohm beat night @ pathos, southern sessions rec. night @ muffat cafe ... also again in 2007 at a london boxed sessions party in muc alongside dj hoppa.

X-Ray started producing quality dnb tracks again in 2003 after releasing some electro freestyle breakbeat tracks under the Initials DXM and RealityFox that can be found on his MySpace page or on chemical-records uk (see links) and is currently playing on two internet radio stations since 2009.

1991 to 1993 Rising High Records, Oldschool Piano Records and Happy Breakbeat Records like Kniteforce Records, Remix Records, JAL, Ray Keith, The Prodigy, Adam F, Metalheadz Shows like Storm & Alleycat @ atomic cafe muc or Sunday Session @ Blue Note London in 1998..

Some words from X-Ray:
I'm very interested in innovative and quality focused new drum&bass productions and open for any contacts from all over the world to share a good time with experienced professionals and quality based newcomers .. party together, share the time to listen to each others tracks and mixes -- keeping the vibe alive. be positive in your own mind and the world will open up its bright and sunny side just for you ! ;) - x-ray


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