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Mr Wizzard


London, UK

About Mr Wizzard

It all started for me when I tuned in to a radio station called Centreforce and just thought , this music is pukka ! . Just what the doctor ordered. Then , realising it was pirate (i.e. illegal) I thought why have we not got a legal station that caters for this sort of music. Unknown to me at the time this would have meant compromise. And as a result we would not have had the rave scene we know and love today.

Living on the outskirts of London/Essex I was in a prime location to take part fully in the scene. I also found out that local to me lived a number of pirate station dj's including Desert Rat and Devious D. I got chatting and became friends with both, perisistantly bugging Desert Rat to get me a slot on Fantasy FM (which at the time was the biggest station in London).

One night , out of the blue , it happened. Desert Rat phoned me and said the words "You wanna be on fantasy? Tonight's the night !". So I packed a box full of record's and met up with him. That first show was so nerve racking it was unreal. I remember playing Unique 3's The Theme and (the owner of the station) Mystery Man's hand just came out of nowhere and rewound the tune and promptly announced over the mic "Yeah , that's all your gonna hear of that one until we get 60 pagers! Come on London let's hear ya!" . Of course then the pager went ballistic, we got the 60 and played the tune. That was the first time I saw "supply & demand" in the scene. "They say , we play" said Desert Rat.

When Fantasy finally went off air I hooked up with Madaxe formally from the underground station Centreforce and he was running a station called Impact FM and that's where I stayed for a while until my parents house got burgled and I lost most of my vinyl. Since then its been a long hard slog trying to regain all the tunes I had because most were sent to me on promo or test pressing. But I have battled on, playing on local pirates such as Freedom, Temptation, and Shake FM since and have loved every minute. Only a jock (dj) who's been on a live broadcast can understand how it feels to mix on air ... more addictive than nicotine !!
That's enough about me so I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to some people who helped me along the way :

Desert Rat, Mystery Man, Devious D, Larry Jazz, Bobby Jazz, The Ruislip Raver , Easy E, Rhythm Doctor, Evil O,

Mad Axe, Nutty Jim, Ginge from Labrynth, Richie Fingers, Smiley n PJ from SUAD, and all original crew

"you know who you are"

I'd also like to big up some peeps drift @ bp , dj jacko, flair n vibes, the ragga twins, mole the dipper, a sides, paranoia, dj nunny, tc, samson, dj skie, dj assault, mc extreme, dj kappa, shady mc, dj nrgizer, keni, dj outlaw, mr judge, russell mac, danny aka splinter, vic, ricky, jd, ethan d, and sorry to anyone who i have forgotten.............................And to foxy ..............You will never be forgotten.............................

Appears on Break Pirates

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