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DJ Pilgrim


West Midlands, UK

About DJ Pilgrim

DJ Pilgrim DJ Pilgrim - one of the most energetic DJs that has been involved in the hardcore scene since it all started back in the early 90ís.

Originally DJing since 1987 when back then was a hip-hop scratch DJ using 2 copies of the same record to create turntable trickery such as using his nose, knees & elbows to work the cross fader and generally scratching records beyond recognition.

After a while, once the music in hip-hop started to change to slow gangster rap, at the same time the rave scene emerged, and he got more into the rave sound, as he liked what he heard and felt the music was more uplifting, energetic and everyone into the music seemed so happy, which is what hip-hop used to have so at that point, he crossed over and started playing the sounds which he is now best known for playing oldskool hardcore.

Pilgrim's move into the main stream of hardcore started in 1991 when he was given a residency at the infamous Quest in Wolverhampton,  which at the time was voted the number 1 club night in the country by Ravers Choice,  this got him noticed nationwide and he was invited to played at all the large all-nighters of that time such as Amnesia House, Vision, Tribal Gathering and of course Fantazia as well as club venues up and down the country. His unique style of using 2 copies of the same record at the same time creating a remix like sound, making him unique at what he did was proving to be a big hit.

Then at the back end of 94, the music style changed and seemed split into happy hardcore and drum and bass so he decided to stick with the happier side of hardcore but after a while the music went in a direction that seemed to be of speeded up rip off versions of all the old classics, chipmunk vocals and the cartoon themes, so he lost interest in the whole thing and took a back seat from it all until about 1998 when he started playing out more, sets of his old original tunes from back in 91.

He also hooked up with the guys from Flashback in Birmingham and became resident for them at there infamous parties, and he also started to promote his own small parties totally dedicated to the old skool sound called Reminiscence.

Pilgrim continues to play at Oldskool events nationwide and has also become well established for playing and producing the brand new sounds of J-Tek. His plans for the future are to continue being a big part of the Oldskool scene and playing the music he loves but also to push the nu skool sounds of J-Tek which is based around the 1992-94 sounds that people may know as Jungle Tekno, which is a new sound that is gathering speed and picking up momentum, with some of the bigest names from the oldskool hardcore scene & todays drum n bass scene pushing this music to new boundaries. It brings back the long lost jungle techno sound of 1992-1994, fusing classic 4/4 rhythms and syncopated funk breakbeats together as J-Tek serves as a bridge between the ideas of the past along with the engineering of the future, as its sensible & danceable 140-150 bpm tempo provides a strong crossover ability with other dance genres of electronic music but is aimed at employing its own identity whilst re-creating the sounds of Jungle, Oldskool Hardcore, Techno, Electro, Drum & Bass, House, Acid, Dub Step, Hip Hop and Reggae amongst other genres. Already, there are some top producers and DJs on board this new project to unite the market as well as Pilgrim.





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