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Southwest, UK

About NuMoniK

NuMoniK First got interested in vinyl in about '87/'88. Me and my brother used to buy loads of hiphop 7 & 12 inches. This is when I got hooked on breakbeats. We only had the one deck to start with, but that didn't stop us from scratchin' away. About a year later we bagged another deck but had no mixer so had to fade out volumes etc on the separate amps.

Started DJing in '93 at college in Northampton. One of my mates in our house bought a set of Soundlabs, so that's where it all started. This is where I bought my first 12" - 'The Dark Stranger' by Boogie Times Tribe. I play mainly jungle/drum n'bass from '93-'96, and have played out in mainly student unions, but while I was at Uni in Cardiff I played at 'Clwb Ifor Bach' or 'The Welsh Club' as it is also known, under my aka QuikSilva. The tunes I go for usually are funky/jazzy but must have a nasty side to them too. Sub-bass is essential!

Mostly I just spin for the fun of it back home. I also do a bit of MCing. I suppose all those early hiphop tunes must've rubbed off on me. At most places where I go and there's a mike I'll grab it and give it some! Favourite tune? I have too many to mention, but one that always stands out for me is 'Renegade Snares' by Omni Trio. For all you gamers out there, I am part of the Colin McRae Rally team at Codemasters based in Warwickshire and that's how I got to know Drift.

Drift & myself pioneered the first breakpirates.com slot back in July 2001, and since then have been DJing together for the show.

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