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Leicester, UK

About Drift

Drift Drift's interest in hardcore began in the late 80s, after initially hearing the music through Amiga demos and music disks. As the likes of Altern8 and The Prodigy entered the charts in 1991, his interest grew. Through mixtapes borrowed from friends he soon discovered his local pirate station - Fresh FM, and began regularly tuning in to hear shows from the likes of SS and Mastersafe.

Drift bought his first 12" in 1993, but it wasn't until the late 90's that he bought his decks and went in search of those elusive hardcore tunes that he remembered from his teens. At this time he was also writing drum and bass and hardcore tracks, releasing them on the internet in his spare time. After a brief spell of playing hard house and trance between 1998 and 2000, he soon turned back to his hardcore roots and got into drum and bass, playing a regular slot on an emerging internet station.

In the summer of 2001 the breakbeat station Break Pirates was launched, where Drift still plays his regular drum and bass/hardcore/jungle show every Tuesday night. He has also played at events such as reENERGIZE, Collective, The Lock Up (outdoor) in Lincolnshire, and various other parties. Drift still produces tunes in the oldskool style, but using the technology of today, in an effort to bring some added freshness. In 2005 Drift had his tune 'Rinse It Out Proper' released on BBHC Recordings, which has had plays on FM stations such as Eruption and Force. This was followed in 2007 by the tune Heaven, released on Pitch Control Records. Watch out for future vinyl releases coming soon!

Previous bookings:
Break Pirates Summer Reunion 2014 @ The Gunners Pub, London (Oldskool) - 06/09/2014
Lechlade Music Festival (D&B) - 23/05/2014
Break and Enter @ Canvas, Leicester (Jungle) - 16/08/2013
Beats in Progress @ The Hub, Leicester (Oldskool, Jungle, D&B) - 19/07/2012
Beats in Progress @ The Hub, Leicester (Oldskool, Jungle, D&B) - 28/06/2012
Beats in Progress @ The Hub, Leicester (Oldskool, Jungle, D&B) - 31/05/2012
Beats in Progress @ The Hub, Leicester (Oldskool, Jungle, D&B) - 26/04/2012
Beats in Progress @ The Hub, Leicester (Oldskool, Jungle, D&B) - 22/03/2012
Sanctuary Flashbacks @ The Beacon, Milton Keynes (Oldskool) - 19/09/2010
Breakdown @ The Hub, Leicester (Hardcore Breaks, Oldskool) - 08/05/2010
Elusis Project @ The Rampant Lion, Manchester (Hardcore Breaks, Oldskool) - 03/05/2008
Originality @ Sound Lounge, Milton Keynes (Oldskool) - 14/03/2008
Break Pirates 6th Birthday @ The Rampant Lion, Manchester (Oldskool) - 13/10/2007
Elevate @ Sumo, Leicester (Hardcore Breaks) - 21/03/2007
Genetix @ Jacks, London (Hardcore Breaks) - 19/01/2007
Back 2 Skool @ The Voltz, Kettering (Oldskool) - 22/07/2006
Collective @ The Attik, Leicester (Oldskool) - 21/04/2005
Club Lock Up @ EQ Warehouse, London (Oldskool, Jungle, D&B) - 03/04/2004
The Lock Up (Outdoor free party) @ Spalding, Lincolnshire (Oldskool) - 24/05/2003
Re-Energize @ Millenium Club, Bournemouth (D&B) - 11/05/2002
Re-Energize @ Millenium Club, Bournemouth (Oldskool) - 13/04/2002

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